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"On The RISE" Scouting Report

Scouting Report:
Alex made her RISE debut at the Ontario Open Showcase in June 2018.  She showed raw hitting, pitching, and fielding ability, with a high ceiling upon some polishing. In December 2018, Alex returned to the Michigan Holiday Showcase at Turnin 2 in Brighton, MI. Immediately, Alex showed a more fluid swing with complete body control and balance through finish. Her repeatable load and sound lower half quickened up her hands to contact, spraying the ball up-the-middle consistently. Her exit velocity was recorded at 63mph. On the dirt, Alex improved her footwork and positioning around the bag, as her hands effortlessly transferred the ball, for a clean accurate throw. Her infield arm velocity was measured at 56mph. In the circle, Alex’s increased leg strength was evident in her delivery. Her push and leg drive off the rubber, allows for a repeatable release point, and control of the strike zone. 
Alex’s all around game has improved in a short amount of time. With her strong work ethic and desire to develop, her ceiling remains high. 
Recently RISE Softball was able to catch up with Alex for a brief Q & A: 
RISE: Favorite moment in softball?
Alex: Winning Provincials my very first year playing rep (Travel Ball). This moment was very special to me because that was the year, I chose to pursue softball over all of the other activities I was participating in. This championship made me hungry to play for more and more medals each year, and 7 years later I am still in love with the same sport and competing for the same goal. 
RISE: Intended College Major? 
Alex: Communications. 
RISE: Dream Job? 
Alex: To become a sports broadcaster.
RISE: In only 3 words, describe yourself?
Alex: Dedicated, Determined, and Caring. 
RISE: Name something that softball has given you that nobody, including yourself, could ever imagine?
Alex: Drive and Work Ethic. Training every day for the same goal with my teammates by my side, gives me the drive to push myself and us to get better every practice. Ultimately, this gets us better as a team and helps us win championships. Softball has changed my work ethic in a way I couldn’t imagine. I work until I am satisfied with my skills, and getting there means putting in the work. 
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