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See what poeple are saying about RISE Softball:

"My daughter attended a RISE Showcase Event and it was instrumental in her gaining recognition to pursue her dream of becoming a collegiate athlete.  The staff at RISE were professional, knowledgeable and accommodating.  My daughter’s video and RISE Player Profile were completed amazingly quick and we were able to include the RISE link in all of our correspondence with College coaches.  Jeff at RISE was incredible in following up on my daughter’s recruiting progress and the RISE staff even contacted college coaches to help out my daughter!  We are extremely pleased that my daughter has found a fit for her continuing education and to continue her softball journey and Jeff Nowaczyk and the folks at RISE were a big help!  Thanks for everything guys!!!!!"

Robert Marshall-Parent


"RISE Softball is a top notch scouting/recruiting service. They provide high quality skills videos along with any knowledge you wish to know about the next level. Their service is what helped me reach my goals of playing college softball, they helped me immensely and are a great group of people who are genuinely interested in the process of making your goals and dreams come true. I give them a 5-star rating and highly recommend using their services!"

Maddie Fitzpatrick-Player


"Jeff Nowaczyk and the rest of the RISE Softball team should be part of your plan to continue to play softball at the next level!  My daughters signing was directly related to a RISE Skills Video and contact through their internet site.  There videos are quick and highlight your mechanics and ability.  Most importantly, your measurable stats are done by an independent source so colleges know there is no bias involved.  The videos are easy to attach to letters of interest to coaches or to add to any profiles.  As a travel coach, and a coach of many college players RISE is an excellent investment in your future!  Don't miss your chance to get noticed and RISE up!"

Neil Berthume- Parent & Travel Coach


"I have sent two of my daughters to multiple RISE events and they have had positive experiences at all of them. Jeff and his team run a very smooth event and the girls are given a great online RISE Player Profile to send to prospective coaches. Having gone through the full circle of creating a profile, recruiting, and commitment, Jeff has been very willing to answer questions and go the extra step to help my girls achieve their softball goals.  I would highly recommend RISE to any athlete who is looking to explore the next step in their athletic career." 

Trisha Fick-Parent


"RISE was such a great experience! As a player who has participated in multiple showcases, these guys really help you with the recruiting process. They make it such a welcoming enviroment, which allows us to perform at our best. RISE is a great service to get involved in if you're looking to get recruited and play in college. I highly recommend!" 

Olivia Cooper-Player