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Player Rankings-How It Works

RISE Player Rankings

By popular demand, RISE Softball launches the TOP 50 Players rankings!

Here is how it works…players that attend any RISE Softball Showcase are measured and recorded in the following areas:

  • Home to 1st time
  • Home to Home time
  • Exit Velocity
  • Outfield Velocity
  • Infield Velocity
  • Catcher Pop-Time
  • Pitcher Velocity

Based upon these measurables, players from all around the region are entered into our database, where our system generates a player ranking based SOLEY upon the measurables from the showcase. Players are strictly ranked based upon their graduation year (Ex: Class of 2021, 2022, 2023, etc.) Ranking will be update quarterly and as follows:

  • Spring Ranking-April 1st
  • Summer Rankings-July 1st
  • Fall Rankings- October 1st
  • Winter Rankings- January 1st

If players wish to improve their Top 50 Player ranking, or would like to get ranked, please checkout our upcoming RISE Showcases near you!

Upcoming RISE Showcases