RISE Softball is excited to announce its partnership with Stalker Sport as the official radar gun sponsor. At every RISE Softball Showcase or Scout Day, Stalker Radar guns will be used to collect the following player data:

  • Exit Velocity
  • Outfield Velocity
  • Infield Velocity
  • Catcher Velocity
  • Pitcher Velocity.

About Stalker Sports

Stalker Sports, by Applied Concepts, Inc., is the premier brand of speed measurement radar. Stalker is the gold standard for accuracy, reliability, and convenience, and is the sport radar gun of choice for professionals around the world. Stalker Sports continues to lead the way in portable, handheld player evaluation tools. For over 20 years, Stalker Sports Radar guns have been used by baseball professionals around the world because consistent ball speed measurement is the only acceptable result. No other brand delivers the range, accuracy, or consistency of Stalker Sport Radar guns. From the Stalker Sport Series to the Stalker Pro II Series, users at every level of the game rely on Stalker. You can too. 

For more information on Stalker Sports Radar guns, or to purchase, click the link…